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The Three Furies Documentary

Directed by Nat Ryan Jones. Co-directed by Zena Edwards. Showcased at the Africa Film festival, London 2012.

Seeding Red

"Recognising the anger trying not to see red and disappear
or end up with time lost
to the Bermuda triangle of troubled,
strangulated till I black out:
the  hurricane walks." Anger is a symptom for something being very wrong. It is your body telling you a perceived injustice has been done. It is a red flag to wake up, be aware, stay alert. That alerting might be to watch your back, be good to yourself, protect yourself, do not leave yourself vulnerable: "there are trip wires everywhere".

Excerpt - These Days...

“These days I say no and grow fat from it 
Full of myself -  sure footed and difficult Spilling over, uncontained and Furious. And Whole and satisfied and complete and quite happy, actually
These days, I name it.
These days, I risk the sound  of my own voice wild and Rising and Annoyed I respond I walk away I cause a scene
These days, I know no one will save me No one did
These days, I resist
I have learned: sometimes the only recourse you have is the one you can effect”
Mbali Vilakazi©


The Three Furies in retrospect: From not having the words, to throwing things out.
Last month I was so angered that I threw things out. For the first time in my entire life. I gave myself permission.
It was a startling revelation to me that I even had it in me to. There was the undeniable thrill, a rush surging through my body, a kind of pulsating energy – the signs of life. This was new territory for me. It was the unknown. An experience I had never encountered before.
Prior to this moment, I had always had great difficulty creating the space for anger in my life. I have always understood it as something particularly negative. Even more so when it pertains to my own anger. I have feared it.
Creating The Three Furies has taken me on a journey of questions. It has been such an interesting process because there were more questions than there were answers. It became a journey of exploration.
When we walked into the rehearsal space we made a number of assumptions. We thought …

Processing the Fury - Pt 1

The  story of the Three Furies or the Erinnyes (The Kindly Ones) is an enlightening dramatic inquiry of Ancient Greek mythology into Justice, Humanity and Transformation as these daemons/Goddesses are summoned to unleash retribution  for abuses, murder and injustice done to  family. 
"Tisiphone (tis-if-oh-nee) is the "blood avenger," the punisher of murder and crimes against family. Alecto's name means "unceasing anger." Megaera (mah-ger-ah) is called the "jealous one," is especially peeved about adultery." - [source]
Once they are summoned the matter is taken from your hands because it is they who decided what the punishment will before the perpetrator. It is they who provide the yard stick to measure how far from humanity society has travelled. It is they who bring about a change in societal attitude and acceptance of heinous wrong doings to the foundations of humanity - those done to the Family. The challenge for me was deciding whether I …

Excerpt - Mbali Vilakazi

“I was asked to write about my anger today Instead, I lit a cigarette I started to cry
I don’t have poems about anger.
The words lie somewhere deep and inaccessible to me.
Something must have happened Someone must have said something Something big enough to make me feel so small
Someone must have said something: ‘anger is a waste of an emotion, it’s for people who can’t control themselves, it’s ugly, destructive, selfish, a bad fit for a girl, ladies don’t make a mess’
So every time I have wanted to spit, scream, shout and break things (like I have been) I have said: ‘it’s okay, never mind, don’t worry, I understand, I’ll try harder, I must have done something to deserve it – I deserve it’
I was asked to write about my anger today I thought, ‘where do I begin?’ And how when everything I have ever wanted to say has always been the wrong thing, the worst thing the last thing anyone wanted to hear.”
Mbali Vilakazi ©

Three Furies Films by Sharon Jane D

As part of the Three Furies venture, Sharon Jane D., a dutch visual artist, took our poems and interpreted them for film.



THREE FURIES: CLARA - TRUTH from mixin creativity on Vimeo.

The Fury Conversations - Quotes

A huge part of the process for creating the Furies was dialogue. One thing women are often accused of is talk ing to much " Why doI have to explain everything!" - thisis a statement I've heard a few times before whe I though we were just in dialgue to reach an understanding. it got me thinking that the act of dialoguing and exchange seems to have been relgated to that thing that "women" do, said with a dismissivness that shuts down a process of negotiation and acceptance of another's ideas. So we talked a lot, Mbali and I. We realised that looking out for that concrete outcome at the end of the conversation, meant a person was not actually listening in a neutral state. They had an agenda that needed to be met. "How do I fix this problem?"We were further affirmed that the very ACT of talking and listening alone WAS the solution.

 "Fury is wild and I say wild as in something beautiful,like a rose that grows for no reason my the side of the ro…


It was during one of our numerous conversations that we found we hit a wall. We tried to figure out how raw anger could be transformed into something less 'manic, although we were well aware that the 'manic' is merely a perspective.  We realized that the name calling that a woman will often encounter when they lash out is a reaction to her rebounding negative or restrictive energy that is blatantly or inadvertently, directed at her. The general social acceptance to minimize a women's frustration to a 'mania', a 'hysteria' or some sort of temporary 'over emotional insanity' felt like another straw to the camels back.  However, we each had to admit that because discussing our anger was not a conversation we regularly engaged with and that it didn't seem a subject we heard talked about in general, we didn't have a language of vocabulary to enter an in depth dialogue about it. We were not practiced in using a certain combination of words that…

Three Furies Launch Afrovibes Fesitval 2012

by Liesbeth Tjon A Meeuw
Everyone who can't wait for the Afrovibes festival to begin is in for a special treat this month. This year's festival programme will be announced at MC Theatre in Amsterdam on 13 April. The event will get the audience into the right mood for September's festival and will be topped up with the world premiere of a production by three emerging performing poets. These fierce and fiery young women: Zena Edwards (UK), Mbali Vilakazi (South Africa) and Clara Opoku (Ghana/the Netherlands), come from different parts of the world, but share one important emotion: their fury. The piece, Three Furies, was created intercontinentally with modern media -­‐ Skype and email -­‐ providing the common workspace. 13 April will be the first time the three join each other live on stage.
Three Furies refers to the Greek goddesses of vengeance, the Erinyes. They live in the underworld and come to earth in order to punish those who have done harm to o…

Amsterdam: MC Theatre

'I put my gloves down, somewhere. That is how the story begins. And that is also how it ends. '

Day 1: MC Theatre
It was freezing this morning and I no longer have a pair of gloves. That is how the day started. Between me and my destination - the no 10 tram. That is all I had. I was quite sure I was getting lost at some point, finding my feet and finding my way has been a lesson in staying alert. What did you see while you were not looking. Did you notice.  It turns out I did. 
And thus, I find myself at the theatre, meeting Clara for the first time. 
Today, two become three. And together we are 'The 3 Furies.'

Three Furies in Cape Town at the New Africa Theatre Space

Post Anger poems - Extracts

I hold fury to my chest  cos she has clawed at the locked door of my anger
Behind it was civil war with my shackled self and the one that wants so much more
Fury: She deserves and encore.
Zena Edwards© 

i need to restore innocence again i am breathing slowly whilst my heart beats faster against the rage of unjust against the smell from which it cometh from against a bright light that turned black....

i sigh  i smirk but that don’t mean that harm is forgotten i was captivated for many years captured by insecurity captured by lack of knowledge captured by womanhood captured because i was afraid to fight back captured but born free free from guilt free from shame free from blame because i am innocent born innocent (though) the train of crime haunts me blood of violence calls me and i can hear the mass shouting my name
Clara Opoku©