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Excerpt - Mbali Vilakazi

“I was asked to write about my anger today Instead, I lit a cigarette I started to cry
I don’t have poems about anger.
The words lie somewhere deep and inaccessible to me.
Something must have happened Someone must have said something Something big enough to make me feel so small
Someone must have said something: ‘anger is a waste of an emotion, it’s for people who can’t control themselves, it’s ugly, destructive, selfish, a bad fit for a girl, ladies don’t make a mess’
So every time I have wanted to spit, scream, shout and break things (like I have been) I have said: ‘it’s okay, never mind, don’t worry, I understand, I’ll try harder, I must have done something to deserve it – I deserve it’
I was asked to write about my anger today I thought, ‘where do I begin?’ And how when everything I have ever wanted to say has always been the wrong thing, the worst thing the last thing anyone wanted to hear.”
Mbali Vilakazi ©