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Transformation Tree Construction

Versions of the Fury Project Transformation Tree with jukebox

Zena and Katie binding the trunk...

Bonding 'n' Binding Sessions Continued - Evolutions

So we have been a-binding at Kings College as part of the Urban Dialogues Art installation commission we won from 3 Faiths forum. Some lovely little creations have been coming forth as we talk and connect about out experiences of anger as women.
The plan is to make an installation of an impression of a tree made from fabric and thread that houses  The Transforming Fury Jukebox loaded with 101 stories of people talking about their relationship with and perceptions of anger.  Right now, we are at the vine making stage.

What's been amazing about this work (fun) is  the confirmation that the installation is not about the tree and the vines intend to build as the finished piece; the installation IS the process, the act of making and sharing  these moments.

We've had open sessions for others to come and join us. Andrea came and did some binding while sharing a story about her disabled sister, who suffers from sickle cell  anemia being discriminated against and talked badly of at a …

Notes for the installation - Binding...?


Notes and observations
Was a bit conflicted about the terminology and definitions of Binding and Fury  so ->

· Binding - an act of transformation - as the process of making one thing into something else – an alchemy - Binding to transform.

· The Fury Project - not trying to provide definitive answers but to open a pathway for exploration and interrogation through these art forms

· The “tree” - a live object of grounding something to lean on peaceful, visual beautiful, representing growth, movement, age and wisdom (the ring)

Ways to deliver the installation
· Binding vine-like limbs to initially cover jukebox. It could potentially give us a heads up on how long we have to actually make according to our desired design, to what kind of size the tree might grow to in that time and how pressed we might be for the fabric gathering. ->
extensions from the jukebox and supported structure around it.

· Format of poems, writings, sketching. Charcoal, pastels other a…

The Fury Project - Binding Sessions

The  Bonding Binding sessions
From 17th September till 27th September,  The Fury Project, facilitated by Zena Edwards and Cherrelle Skeete will be holding craft and communication sessions as part of on an art installation working with fabric and  collecting and unpacking stories about anger.

These sessions are been fun, deeply revelatory, echoing ancient traditions of group bonding, the sharing and telling of stories over a creative craft.
Click to see what we've been up to so far with them.
When:  Tuesday 17th Sept and Friday 20th
Drop-in from 3pm - 9pm 

All Day Open Sessions:  Monday 23rd Sept - Friday 27th Sept Drop-in from 1pm - 9pm 
Where:  Kings College London, Strand  London WC2R 2LS,  Aldwych, nearset tube Holborn and Charing Cross Buses
Price: Free

For the location of the room we are in at King's, contact: 
07904 343 005 or email 

What is Binding? Binding is a process of working with recycled fabrics and cotton which transforms a flat piece of material i…

The Fury Project Installation - An Intro to Binding

Myself,(Zena Edwards), Katie Pearson and Cherrelle Skeete have been enjoying the process of developing the design of the installation. We have opted for a tree as symbolically a tree takes the nutrients of decay from the earth and transforms it in to life and providing us wit the very air we breathe, the beauty of its blossoms and changing colours as the season change. We embellish it with vines and floral impressions. The tree will be the bulk of the installation, with sketches  and poems on the walls to highlight the process, but more importantly we realised that the actual process IS the installation and part of that process includes watching us and others make whilst speaking about anger, and perceptions of anger for positive change. As we speak we are a metaphor  of the transformation process. Discussions about anger while creating symbolically represents an engagement with this potentially negative energy AND physically manifesting it as something new and beautiful. For more…