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The Three Furies in retrospect: From not having the words, to throwing things out.
Last month I was so angered that I threw things out. For the first time in my entire life. I gave myself permission.
It was a startling revelation to me that I even had it in me to. There was the undeniable thrill, a rush surging through my body, a kind of pulsating energy – the signs of life. This was new territory for me. It was the unknown. An experience I had never encountered before.
Prior to this moment, I had always had great difficulty creating the space for anger in my life. I have always understood it as something particularly negative. Even more so when it pertains to my own anger. I have feared it.
Creating The Three Furies has taken me on a journey of questions. It has been such an interesting process because there were more questions than there were answers. It became a journey of exploration.
When we walked into the rehearsal space we made a number of assumptions. We thought …

Processing the Fury - Pt 1

The  story of the Three Furies or the Erinnyes (The Kindly Ones) is an enlightening dramatic inquiry of Ancient Greek mythology into Justice, Humanity and Transformation as these daemons/Goddesses are summoned to unleash retribution  for abuses, murder and injustice done to  family. 
"Tisiphone (tis-if-oh-nee) is the "blood avenger," the punisher of murder and crimes against family. Alecto's name means "unceasing anger." Megaera (mah-ger-ah) is called the "jealous one," is especially peeved about adultery." - [source]
Once they are summoned the matter is taken from your hands because it is they who decided what the punishment will before the perpetrator. It is they who provide the yard stick to measure how far from humanity society has travelled. It is they who bring about a change in societal attitude and acceptance of heinous wrong doings to the foundations of humanity - those done to the Family. The challenge for me was deciding whether I …