Post Anger poems - Extracts

I hold fury to my chest 
cos she has clawed at the locked door of my anger

Behind it was civil war
with my shackled self and the one that wants so much more

Fury: She deserves and encore.

Zena Edwards© 

i need to restore innocence again
i am breathing slowly
whilst my heart beats faster
against the rage of unjust
against the smell from which it cometh
from against a bright light that turned black....

i sigh 
i smirk
but that don’t mean that harm is forgotten
i was captivated for many years captured by insecurity
captured by lack of knowledge
captured by womanhood
captured because i was afraid to fight back
captured but born free free from guilt
free from shame free from blame
because i am innocent born innocent (though)
the train of crime haunts me
blood of violence
calls me and i can hear the mass
shouting my name

Clara Opoku©


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