The Fury Conversations - Quotes

A huge part of the process for creating the Furies was dialogue. One thing women are often accused of is talk ing to much " Why doI have to explain everything!" - thisis a statement I've heard a few times before whe I though we were just in dialgue to reach an understanding. it got me thinking that the act of dialoguing and exchange seems to have been relgated to that thing that "women" do, said with a dismissivness that shuts down a process of negotiation and acceptance of another's ideas. So we talked a lot, Mbali and I. We realised that looking out for that concrete outcome at the end of the conversation, meant a person was not actually listening in a neutral state. They had an agenda that needed to be met. "How do I fix this problem?"  We were further affirmed that the very ACT of talking and listening alone WAS the solution.

 "Fury is wild and I say wild as in something beautiful, like a rose that grows for no reason my the side of the road." - Mbali Vilakazi

"Anger and fury are both very different things otherwise there wouldn't be two words to describe varying degrees and functions of that passion, of that rage. There's third one. The list will go one. So must we - keep looking for the language to transformation"  - Zena Edwards

"The Furies were the contemporary women of their time." - Mbali Vilakazi


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