The Transforming Fury Jukebox holds 101 stories of peoples journey through anger. There are many stories about transformation, about relationships, personal and collective revolution through staying the thick of an angry moment and coming out the other side.

It is a physical jukebox that has become part of an art installation after The Fury Team constructed after applied to King's College and The Three Faiths Forum Urban Dialogues commission call out. More details of that coming soon.

But the Jukebox is also online. Check out The Fury Project Tumblr

Listening to the global experiences of women's anger helps others better understand perceptions of anger in general. When gender, race and cultural  stereotypes are considered, anger and conflict take on a different dynamic.


We will be moving about the city collecting these stories, so keep an eye out for us. Be prepared to fill us in and share with others how you overcame you fear of expressing your anger, how anger crippled or empowered you, how anger became the biggest catalyst for positive change in your life. 

Click to hear some of those who have shared their anger stories.

There is no deadline, only there is a limited amount of free space on the Jukebox. They shall be on rotation.

Ways to submit:
1) You can send us audio (mp3 or wav format). Or you can just send the story written down via email (address below) and it will be  recorded by professional actors/poet and uploaded onto the jukebox. 
2) if it's text only, leave quote about anger in the comments section OR email your poem or story to the address below.  (Anonymity will be preserved unless you say you WANT your name next to our piece.) 

3)  email images. Your image is copyright to yourself and will only be used on our blog and on the Anger Juke Box as part of The Fury Project art installation during live performances. Let us know if your are happy for your work to be shared in this way.
(Any images of a graphic nature will be reported. This is not a sensationalist site. Its a a site to give insight and encouragement, not to cause distress or shock.)  

4)  Videos: send us the youtube, Vimeo, etc link and we'll do the rest. All rights belong to you.
Please email your stories to: with the "Anger story" in the subject box.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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