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Amsterdam: MC Theatre

'I put my gloves down, somewhere. That is how the story begins. And that is also how it ends. '

Day 1: MC Theatre

It was freezing this morning and I no longer have a pair of gloves. That is how the day started. Between me and my destination - the no 10 tram. That is all I had. I was quite sure I was getting lost at some point, finding my feet and finding my way has been a lesson in staying alert. What did you see while you were not looking. Did you notice.  It turns out I did. 

And thus, I find myself at the theatre, meeting Clara for the first time. 

Today, two become three. And together we are 'The 3 Furies.' 


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"Recognising the anger trying not to see red and disappear
or end up with time lost
to the Bermuda triangle of troubled,
strangulated till I black out:
the  hurricane walks." Anger is a symptom for something being very wrong. It is your body telling you a perceived injustice has been done. It is a red flag to wake up, be aware, stay alert. That alerting might be to watch your back, be good to yourself, protect yourself, do not leave yourself vulnerable: "there are trip wires everywhere".


TheTransforming Fury Jukebox holds 101 stories of peoples journey through anger. There are many stories about transformation, about relationships, personal and collective revolution through staying the thick of an angry moment and coming out the other side.
It is a physical jukebox that has become part of an art installation after The Fury Team constructed after applied to King's College and The Three Faiths Forum Urban Dialogues commissioncall out. More details of that coming soon.

But the Jukebox is also online.Check out The Fury Project Tumblr

Listening to the global experiences of women's anger helps others better understand perceptions of anger in general. When gender, race and cultural  stereotypes are considered, anger and conflict take on a different dynamic.


We will be moving about the city collecting these stories, so keep an eye out for us. Be prepared to fill us in and share with others how you overcame you …