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Women & girls - Call out for all your stories about anger!
Thanks to Isa Suarez, our project's sound-scape artist, we have the pleasure of including "The Human Rights Jukebox" to The Fury Projects art installation.
Now a.k.a-ed as the The Transforming Fury  Jukebox it is the center of an artistic interactive installation where members of the public are provoked to think about their anger. 
Listening to the global experiences of women's anger helps others better understand perceptions of anger in general. When gender, race and cultural  stereotypes are considered, anger and conflict take on a different dynamic.

It is not often quoted but women have been the initiators and on the frontline of some of the world's greatest global mental-shift revolutions. We would like to give a platform for women to share that inner voice of defiance fuelled by anger, no matter how quiet or insignificant it might seem, because we might never know it's potential for positive transformation unless it is.

So this call out is for poems, monologues short or micro stories (no more than 3 minutes long, sketches, photography, short videos and/or quotes about your anger.
Tell us the stories of how you overcame uncontrollable anger and make it work for you - tips and tricks. 
We also want to hear about those stories where you diffused angry scenarios that could have escalated into something much worse if you had not kept your head.  

Tell us about how you felt about NOT expressing your anger over a long period of  time. Give us an insight to what happens when your 'buttons' get 'pushed' and you lose you temper over the simplest things.  
*Temper - a state of mind or emotions; a characteristic general quality

Irritated you? What irked you? Incensed and enraged you? 
Maddened you? Disturbed you? Annoyingly toyed with you?
What exasperated you? Vexed you?  Perplexed you? Peeved you? 
Relieved you once it was expressed? Released, reprieved
aired your temper so you could breathe?
What did it feel like to let the anger flow...?

There is no deadline, only there is a limited amount of free space on the Jukebox. They shall be on rotation.

Ways to submit:
1) You can send us audio (mp3 or wav format). Any text based submission will be recorded by professional actors and uploaded onto the jukebox. 
2) if it's text only, leave your poem or story in the comments section OR email your poem to the address below.  (Anonymity will be preserved unless you say you WANT your name next to our piece.) 

3)Please email your stories to: with the "Anger story" in the subject box.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


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