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Three Furies project has had an evolution. It has transformed in to The Fury Project - Transformation.
In fact, 'transforming' anger has been a mission throughout the life span of this creative project - to transform how we relate to and perceive an emotion with an energy of such force and power. 
If we take the science of energy we know that it does not disappear, energy is either stored or  transferred. So when it comes to anger, so many of us, when we lose our tempers feel the need to put that anger some where and we might direct it to the wrong place or to the wrong person. How can we prevent this form happening?  

What can a performance of dynamic spoken word, intricate movement influenced by hip hop, contemporary jazz movement, sound, song and arts installation give insight to how we can change how we feel about and look at anger?

The Fury Project has some suggestions for 
transformation,or next phase of evolution and will be sharing at the Canada Water Cultural Space for International Women's Week in March.
The original Line up - Zena Edwards, Mbali Vilakazi and Clara Opoku have handed on the baton with Zena curating a team of 5 brilliant artists to explore anger to proactive fury. For more about the artists new Fury project got to The Fury Project Website.

The Fury Project at the Canada Water Space:
Thursday 7th March - Poetry film installation + sharing  and collecting 'anger stories' contributed to the "Keep Calm, It's Only anger Jukebox" by everyday people.
Suitable for all ages. 
Friday 8th March - main performance in the Cultural Space. Suitable for age 14+.
Time: Throughout the day
 Tickets: Free


 Time: 7:30
TICKETS: £8, £5 conc
  Box Office: 020 8692 4446       
Or to book tickets, Click Here. 

Canada Water Cultural Space
21 Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7AR

Getting there:   
Canada Water Cultural Space is situated 
above Canada Water station (Jubilee line and London overground)
199, 1, 225, 47, 188, 381, C10, P12

There is wheelchair access throughout the building 


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It was the last day of the Fury porjecy tree and before packing it down I had to hug it. It had been a taxing process but so invigorating and thought provoking, as so many people had left a imprint on the tree, sharing their stories, binding and then adding thier energy to the vines of the tree. 
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What's been amazing about this work (fun) is  the confirmation that the installation is not about the tree and the vines intend to build as the finished piece; the installation IS the process, the act of making and sharing  these moments.

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