What's with the Bear on Facebook?

Recently,  The Fury project has been using this bear stencil as a temporary logo for all its online presence.  We're at present in talks with a designer for the project but I have to credit the tattoo artist who made this tattoo stencil. Her name is KarianaSan. Click here for a link to her profile.

But why a bear?
It is totem of  great strength, security and determination. It has feminine qualities of introspection and intuition. But Bears actually represent teaching and humility. Often misunderstood and aggressive and cantankerous, they are powerful symbols of protection and love to children with clear protective boundaries - the most dangerous animal in a forest is a mother bear with cubs.
As a totem for the anger project we hope to absorb the qualities of the bear to hold the anger emotion for , be introspective about its power and manifest it constructively and productively.  

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