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a poem by Cherrelle Skeete

Her back pack is ready and on the first few steps into the exploration Cherrelle comes to a rehearsal and shares this poem...

Being past the point of explaining,
I am swollen and cant inhale any peace,
'cause what started as a thought of injustice 
has landed on Hemoglobin and is rolling around my body,
eyes now razors,
nostrils push out the steam,
my body in in sync,
heart,mind ,spirit one team,

This fury is warrior me

not permitting the undeserving to help themselves to a buffet of me,
smiling back nicely to make them feel easy, the avenger of Jyoti!

My pussy is my weapon and i am as bright as the sun,
No Super Saiyan could test how high i rise,
And still i rise.

it is ugly,it aint dainty,
its wild and weighty,
it cleanses and flushes like the hot water springs 
see how the water runs clean? oh so necessary

Written and performed by Cherrelle Skeete©


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