Anger by Sean Graham


Hovering across a peninsula of
Anti-blue pilled Pen pushing white color -
 I bite lemons and swallow bitter pips
And spit with a perpendicular fist to
Frust my frustrations
FUCK the boss!
Fill the forms
Tick the lists as this shitsticks
Lipstick kiss statistics
wanna role off the Radar 
Radio waves be clocking my behaviour
Violent vapours rip through veins
Vengeance is a force withIn like Darkvader

Fear is force... Unwilling to yield
Freedom is a choice.. Waiting to heal it's scars
Anger has a voice.. Grrrrrrhh
Self-defense can be more defiant than nature

A mother's dark womb
Light flees for safety
Like life finds no place among tombs

A cave that echoes
A rage that bellows 
Down to the valley's
And shakes leaves from their tree.
As if the climate wasn't cold enough

emptiness unfilled
But only, but only with feathers sticks and stones
Rubble rumbles through hollow marrowless bones
bloodless bones
Rattling with vengeance bones that have broken too many toes
Kicking stone walls.

Nothing to give
Nothing to gain
Drained from source
Through wrath I am revealed
Seal a devils deal with boiling blood...
Or an angel of fury and justice
Like I need a devil's excuse to complete my will..?
Like I need an angel to save me from my will?
Will do what it will!!!!
I want to cultivate Chaos
I desire to descend with destruction tagged upon my last name
I will own my own objection to rip limb from limb my object of abuse
Carve my meaning into their flesh.
And refuse to let go....
Until I am done
Feeling... Hollow

The clattering of knuckles
The gnashing of enamel
The buckling of breath over pronunciation
The pulsating sirens skin deep surface
Rush like rivers breaking the damn
Over flow... I am no still water

Written and performed by Sean Graham©


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