The Fury Project - Binding Sessions

The  Bonding Binding sessions
From 17th September till 27th September,  The Fury Project, facilitated by Zena Edwards and Cherrelle Skeete will be holding craft and communication sessions as part of on an art installation working with fabric and  collecting and unpacking stories about anger. 

These sessions are been fun, deeply revelatory, echoing ancient traditions of group bonding, the sharing and telling of stories over a creative craft.
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Tuesday 17th Sept and Friday 20th
Drop-in from 3pm - 9pm 

All Day Open Sessions: 
Monday 23rd Sept - Friday 27th Sept
Drop-in from 1pm - 9pm 

Kings College London, Strand  London WC2R 2LS,
 Aldwych, nearset tube Holborn and Charing Cross Buses

Price: Free

For the location of the room we are in at King's, contact: 
07904 343 005 or email 

What is Binding?
Binding is a process of working with recycled fabrics and cotton which transforms a flat piece of material into vines and floral impressions. The art form was developed by jewellery maker and fine artist Tanvi Kant passedon to Cherrelle Skeete of teh Fury Project. Click to visit Tanvi website -  

Binding and The Fury Project.
The act of "bind" in relation to the anger  is in itself is a sort of alchemy. The project works to change perceptions of anger as a completely negative and destructive force into a transformative fuel. We take a piece of fabric and transform it into something vibrant, useful and beautiful. In the sessions we share stories where  the energy or emotion of anger but shift the perspective to see how it could be used constructively rather than automatically view it as negative and destructive. In short, how it can be used to create and propel creativity in peoples lives.
We will also be using creative writing and poetry as an extra exploring the themes that arise during discussions.

Any stories that wished to be shared as part of the The Fury Project art installation will be contrbuted to The Fury Transformation Jukebox which will tour the UK in 2014. Click for more details.


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