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The Fury Project Installation - An Intro to Binding

Myself,(Zena Edwards), Katie Pearson and Cherrelle Skeete have been enjoying the process of developing the design of the installation. We have opted for a tree as symbolically a tree takes the nutrients of decay from the earth and transforms it in to life and providing us wit the very air we breathe, the beauty of its blossoms and changing colours as the season change.
We embellish it with vines and floral impressions.
The tree will be the bulk of the installation, with sketches  and poems on the walls to highlight the process, but more importantly we realised that the actual process IS the installation and part of that process includes watching us and others make whilst speaking about anger, and perceptions of anger for positive change. As we speak we are a metaphor  of the transformation process. Discussions about anger while creating symbolically represents an engagement with this potentially negative energy AND physically manifesting it as something new and beautiful. For more stories of anger transforming into something positive click the projects Tumblr and online jukebox. 

First we have collected LOTS of fabric and cotton reels.
Taking a trip to Shepherds bush Market to find some patterened fabric was on e of the highlights of teh making so far. We felt we were entering a bazaar in Tunisia somewhere vibrant with colour and music.  Cheap and tasty Falafel was the chef's choice of the day.

Katie P

We unload our first lot of cotton reels knowing we are going to be taking  on a big job.

Then it was was to work with the binding. We have plenty to do as the 1st October when the the installtion with be show as part of 3 Faiths Forum Urban Dialogues exhibition at the Red Gallery on 1st October 2013.
My first attempt at binding.

Kings College London gave us space to make the installation and it is where have been holding binding sessions where the public can engage with the project. Click for more details of how to take part in the binding sessions  and contribute to the Jukebox and the Fury Transformation Tree.

Cherrelle experimented with taking on a  root for the tree.

And then there are just those time when play is essential to the process... just because...

Then there are the next steps for building the trunk of the tree from recycled cardboard fabric tubing.
We look forward to more binding in groups sessions which we'll be putting a call out for shortly. Watch this space!


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